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 Welcome to the Premier Etiquette and Social Graces School, Divine Images Finishing Institute. 

Divine Images Finishing Institute is a professional and cutting edge organization that aims to educate in the areas of fine living and polished imagery as well as inspire adolescent, teenage children and thriving professionals. 

 OUR MISSION is made complete through providing comprehensive training and support to assist in both acquiring skills, and achieving goals that will aid in the development of a successful career and life. We pride ourselves in "Sculpturing Unlimited Dimensions" in every willing participant. We take your natural skills and abilities and polish them. We help you build a Divine Life, Divine Way, and a Divine Image. 

 Divine Images Finishing Institute thrives on enhancing and projecting the ultimate divine image in every willing person who desires to experience the true essence of etiquette.

Divine Images Finishing Institute provides a plethora of social skills and graces compiled to generate confidence, awareness, and relevant tools needed in children, adults, and business professionals who desire to display a first class impression upon people, events and various social opportunities they may encounter. 

First Impressions


 Our pleasure is to serve you. Our Ala Carte feature offers you the luxury of enrolling into individual classes. Whether individual, group, business, church or organization with a total of 15 students or more you can enjoy designating the option of receiving the personal touch of our Ala Carte classes. 


 Diva Divine (Married Women)
          Fine Dining
         Pampered Hands
         Beauty Within
         Personal Best
         Dare to be Different
         Healthy Habits
         Daily Proper Hair Care
         Porcelain Face
         Baby Skin
         Budgeting/Time Management
         Public  Speaking
         Personal Hygiene/Grooming
         Fancy Feet
         Proper Foundation
         Wardrobe Managemen 


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We specialize in custom courses. We create packages, workshops, training seminars and etiquette training videos to suit the desired need of your company or personal request.

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